The actual progress is made from the following technologies.

  1. Fuels from sunlight

    ETH Zürich

  2. Weighing electrons

    Max-Planck-Instituts, Heidelberg

  3. Deletion and rewriting of infos into atoms

    University in Netherlands

  4. Non-chargable-batteries from C14

    Start-Up NDP, USA

  5. A new record in area microscope, that enables pictures from atoms

    Berkley, USA

  6. Some new materials, that are very strong

    Different places

  7. Researches in Cern about methaphysical basics

    Different countries are part of the research group

  8. Partitioning and transmutation – some radioactive material is stable after a few days

    Research from some partners in the EU

  9. Sun fusion reactor

    Some different projects but not rentable

  10. Renewable power set-up in different shapes

    Actual progress in renewable energy researches

  11. Heat-energy generators

    Different using fields

We have all the basics, that you don’t find in that projects. Basics that enables a fine tuning and not only trails without a complete frame.

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