We worked out our action space. The following principles are leading always what we do.

  • Leading at issues can’t be growth or economies of scale. In our times companies should move away from that profit concepts towards a management based on sustainability and quality. This means for Walsum Consulting the standpoint must be a company, that focused on employees, life cycle quality and ecological sustainability. We don’t support myopic growth, market power over economies of scale or cheap mass production without inner values. Logical conclusion only allows product quality out of saitisfied employee, planned life cycles and inner worth.
  • Ecological sustainability, inner values from all point of contacts and the focuse on a waste free world will provide a successfull society. Therefore we have to highlight not the cheap production, but the durability of permanently viable products.
  • Better use a product, that will accompany the human live till end, than buy every 5-10 years new things. Only this product design will bring another mood to all customer, a mood that we need as human and a mood that only allows down-to-earth mentality. A person who will loose the hold of his living space due to life cycles from 5-10 years, can’t become a native being. This person have to give up the heal home, because the ghost is guided by sourroundings and their spirit. This person will loose her home in following the same footsteps according to the motto „in five or ten years there is no worth, but a better product“. It’s dangerous to go this footsteps unobviously with all privacy.
  • Furthermore product quality isn’t reached, if the worth is lost after some years. A product, that need replacement after a few years has a problem with technology, progress and with worth.
  • That shift of emphasis only enables a sustainable company, which get not lost in a world of exploitation, worthless excess and products without inner worth.