The insights, we worked out enables us, to enter a never seen age. This age is findable in the things, that are known from science fiction.

This insights are so progressive, that all questions about physics, medicine, chemistry and other sciences are answered. This progress allows a new age of human technology.

For example the chemical science is lost in our insight. This insight allows a deeper understanding of the spirit and soul from each element and furthermore a chemical technology, that isn’t comparable to the actual doing. We can develope chemical systems, that are intelligent and conscious.

We answered in long research that questions, that are actual in physics and methapysics. That mean we have all basics about dark holes, dark matter and other questions about the universe answered – all this questions, that creates the actual progress.

To summarize all from our results will need a book, that is already planned. Explaining all this insights will need good teaching over a longer time, if this should be part of an employee training.

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